To compliment shipping services, we offer a complete line of supplies to create an even stronger barrier of protection.

Sending your products in transit shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing safety. 

We offer the following shipping supplies: 

Shrink Wrap – this PVC fill is often the traditionally used method in shrink wrapping. It is an inexpensive option that has high shrink ability and excellent clarity. 

Air Cushioned Wrapping Material – available in a multitude of sizes and strengths 

Packing Bags – no matter the level of static control you desire, we offer a full line of: amine free pink anti-static bags, pink anti-static bags, black conductive anti-static bags, transparent metallic, and static shielding bags 

Packing Peanuts – sold in 20 cubic feet bags, this light weight fill keeps shipping costs low. These low static peanuts are non-clinging, non-toxic and provide clean filler that will not attract pests.